Living Like Sardines: For Immigrants, Cramped Dwelling Still is an Imminent New York City Blight

Author's Note: This article won 'Best in Immigration Reporting' at the 2003 NY Independent Press Awards or "The Ippies." NEW YORK, NY — The corner where Greenwich Street meets Ninth Avenue could be a perfect movie set for a posh New York living. From the angle where the traffic light dangles against the century-old brick building in the background, and the row of cozy restaurants that are barely set back on the sidewalk, it is a quintessential picture of neighborhood without a feeling of depravity. But that’s not everything.

‘Ellis Island of the South’ — Atlanta Coalition Helps Immigrants Naturalize

ATLANTA, GA — One morning in March 2014, Rachel Bol earned something she had never had before. After spending most of her life in refugee camps, she finally had a country where she could live safely — and one she could call her own."God helped me become a U.S. citizen," said the 47-year-old South Sudan native during an ethnic media roundtable at the Latin American Association here. "For the very first time, I have a passport — [an American] passport that will protect me."

Immigration Reform Stance at the DNC Has Air of Déjà Vu

PHILADELPHIA, PA — When Pres. Barack Obama addressed hundreds of thousands of people at the Democratic National Convention here on Wednesday night, he implored Americans that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is the only one qualified to serve as U.S. President. What was missing in his masterful oratorical speech–something that most immigrant families were expecting to hear–was about comprehensive immigration reform, which so far he has failed to introduce in congress.

Living in the Shadows: Children Who Witness Parent’s Immigration Arrest May Suffer Lifetime Health Consequences

(This story is also available in Spanish) NEW YORK, NY — It takes only a few minutes for an immigration officer to arrest undocumented parents at home while their children watch. But the event can lead to a lifetime of psychological and physical consequences on children staring wide-eyed as their parents are taken away. “It is not just a traumatic event, but it is the beginning of a series of traumatic events in the lives of these children,” said Dr. Adam Brown, a clinical assist

After Parents’ Deportation, U.S. Children Face Mental Struggles | News Taco, San Antonio, TX

(This story is also available in Spanish and Chinese) NEW YORK, NY — Myrna Orozco will never forget the phone call she got from her cousin in October 2011. Immigration officials had arrested her father and taken him to a detention center in Kansas City, where the family was living at the time. “I was in shock,” she said. “I immediately thought about my mother and my younger siblings, and what was going to happen to all of us.”

Newcomers Breathe Life into Rustbelt City | The Skanner

BUFFALO, NY —Buffalo resident Roger Puchalski, publisher of the English-language weekly Am-Pol Eagle, says it’s important for the city to remember its Polish roots. Even as growing enclaves of Latino, Asian and other immigrants settle into once thriving Polish neighborhoods. Like their European antecedents, these new communities are breathing life into this rust belt city and ethnic media are chronicling the change.